Benjamin Altmejd in his studio. (pictured by   Xavier Sergerie  )

Benjamin Altmejd in his studio. (pictured by Xavier Sergerie)


Benjamin Altmejd is a young Canadian artist in the making, currently residing in his hometown Montreal. His minimal post-pop paintings are recognizable by the use of a vivid palette and hard graphic lines. Inspired by dutch artist Piet Parra among others, his style is mainly influenced by early 2000’s cartoon artists.

After graduating and obtaining his Bachelor of Commerce in 2016, he completed the Fine Arts Certificate Program at UQAM.

Benjamin often works around the relation we have with human bodies, sex, and desires. He loves turning things that might be provocative and vulgar to some, into the most innocent and cute possible. He tries to give sex a refreshing taste from all existing clichés.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2019 Crisp One Year Anniversary, Crisp, Montréal
2018 Cuts & Talk x Crisp, Ausgang Plaza, Montréal
2017 Mèche Studios Official Launch, Mèche Studios, Montréal
2017 SST Galerie Éphémère, Mezcal, Montréal
2017 Feel The Art, La Cenne, Montréal